Post Install Instruction

  1. Install the Add-On: If you haven’t already, go to the Google Workspace Marketplace and search for our Add-On. Click “Install” to add it to your Google Docs account.
  2. Open Your Document: Launch a Google Docs document that contains the text you want to automate. This could be anything from a standard introduction to a frequently used signature.
  3. Access the Add-On: Navigate to the “Add-ons” menu at the top of your Google Docs window. Find our Add-On in the list, and click “Start” or “Open” to access it.
  4. Define Your Text Automation: In the Add-On interface, specify the text you want to automate. You can include variables for things like dates, names, or any other dynamic content. This is what will make your text automation truly powerful.
  5. Save Your Automation: After defining your text automation, save it within the Add-On. You can give it a custom name for easy reference in the future.
  6. Insert Your Automated Text: Now, return to your document, place your cursor where you want the automated text to appear, and go back to the Add-On. Select the automation you’ve just created, and it will be inserted into your document automatically.
  7. Enjoy the Magic: That’s it! You’ve just automated a repetitive task in your document. Whenever you need to insert this text, simply access the Add-On and select your automation.

With this powerful Add-On, you’ll save time and reduce the risk of errors while working on repetitive tasks in Google Docs. Plus, you’ll have more time for the creative and critical aspects of your work. Happy automating!

Give it a try and supercharge your productivity in Google Docs today. Say goodbye to repetitive typing, and hello to more efficient document creation!