The ability to see around the corner and stay ahead of the competition increases your chances of success.

What we do:

  • Ideation exercises that pull ideas from all levels of staff (and building systems that continue pulling these ideas regularly)
  • Knowing clearly what innovations are coming down the pipeline in your industry, specifically from key competitors
  • Assigning probabilities of success and likely investments required to create innovative products or services

Examples of our work:

  • Assisted non-profit organization in determining ways to help the most people get out of poverty the soonest.  Developed model for immediate skill development, resulting in quicker generation of funds for impoverished students rather than the traditional protracted, academic approach of obtaining a degree without many marketable skills after many years of education.
  • Completed scores of similar projects focused on the for profit world as well, in more than a dozen industries.

Our other capabilities

Business Intelligence

Employee/Team Performance



Business Process Outsourcing

Executive/Staff Coaching

Mergers and Acquisitions


Cost Reduction

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Software/Process Automation

Customer Experience/Loyalty