Mergers and Acquisitions

Finding strategic buyers will provide you with a much higher multiple vs buyers only interested in your current profitability. And if you’re looking for a strategic acquisition, it’s important to find business owners willing to sell with minimal cash out.

What we do:


  • Ten powerful channels of very hands-on marketing (We haven’t found any other method nearly this effective anywhere – if you know something that works better, let us know and we’ll add it!)
  • Lining up multiple buyers, to make sure you get a great deal
  • Negotiation assistance (as in depth as you would like)
  • Sell your business for 10-30% more than the industry average


  • Identify multiple businesses for sale that meet your criteria
  • Uncover information about the businesses that almost no one else can (proprietary methods)
  • Negotiation assistance (as in depth as you would like)
  • Buy businesses for 10-30% less than the industry average and with 10-30% less cash out of pocket (increase in seller carry)


Examples of our work:

Identified a blue collar industrial cleaning company for sale and assisted with the completion of the strategic acquisition of the company at a significantly discounted price (>30%).

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