Join our Team

We look for the best people; those who are passionate about pursuing excellence, creative with problem solving, and driven to make a difference. We give them the support to excel and the environment so they can enjoy what they do!

The speed and scope of change in our industry is astonishing, but one thing that never changes at Lighthouse Business Catalysts is the value we place on our greatest asset – our people. Our mission includes providing an extraordinary experience and environment that enriches the lives and work of our employees.

What to expect when you join our team:

Opportunities to work regularly with Fortune 500 executives

High velocity acquisition of unique skill sets which will propel your career forward

Trustworthy management and coworkers

High priority of life balance and health of employees

Fascinating work with many different clients in a wide variety of industries

Opportunities to make a meaningful contribution, not only at Lighthouse, but in other businesses and industries represented by our clients

Support and training at all stages to ensure your success

Team-friendly environment, where everyone’s input is valued

An environment based on values which allows everyone to thrive

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