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“Your unique capabilities increased the probability of success of our portfolio companies by 2-4 times the industry standard and decreased the time to reach success by 30%.”

Private Equity Fund Manager

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No matter the industry, and whether you’re just starting out or looking to rise to the next level, Lighthouse Business Catalysts offers the expertise, key relationships, and customized strategies to accelerate your growth in the quickest, most effective way possible.

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Advisory Boards

Our clients often need the specialized expertise of multiple experts, each of who brings hands-on, relevant experience to the table. Finding the best experts with knowledge and relationships in specific areas can take years of exploration and research, but the knowledge and contacts gained are well worth the effort. Lighthouse has a proven track record of quickly recruiting experienced, senior advisory board members to meet the specific needs of each client. We bring key relationships directly to you and transplant them into your business through the creation of what we call “bullseye” boards. These hand-picked advisors provide expert answers and insights as well as introductions to hard-to-reach relationships in areas critical and unique to each client. Our client bullseye boards bring experience and connections from many of the most successful and widely-respected organizations in the world including…

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