Expert Answers and Key Relationships

Answers from those who have experience tell you what steps to take next. Relationships that open doors for you that otherwise might take months or years to open. Not reinventing the wheel will reduce the stress of trial and error, and save you significant time, money, and effort.

What we do:

  • Cultivate and maintain an extended network of experts who previously worked with larger competitors, now work in parallel industries, or are currently in key channels and markets
  • Then connect you with the specific expert(s) who can provide you real time knowledge and contacts which they’ve built through years of trial and error
  • Experts who still regularly socialize, golf, or connect with contacts you would like to have (whether sales prospects, supplier prospects or any type of contact who can open doors more quickly for you)
  • Expert answers for your most pressing questions

Examples of our work:

Our client’s sleep improvement app became the #1 app in sales in the Health and Fitness section of the Apple App Store after working with our expert consultant. The advisor, who was specifically brought on for this project, had a track record of building top-rated health and wellness apps.

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Expert Answers & Key Relationships


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