Once the lighthouse is seen, the rest of the sea is ignored.

- Terri Guillemets

Who is Lighthouse?

Lighthouse Business Catalysts started with the vision of its founder, Jared Mabey. Twenty years ago, Jared began consulting with high growth firms, including Fortune 500 companies, by employing traditional consulting models. While the consulting models being used were fairly effective in helping accelerate growth, Jared wondered what the next iteration of consulting could look like.  He decided to test new methods that were more action-oriented versus traditional models that tended to be more academic. Through years of refining these processes, a system of working with clients was built that greatly accelerated growth and delivered a much higher ROI. The model focuses on combining top tier, action-oriented consulting services fueled by bullseye advisory boards consisting of hand-picked advisors who have the expert answers and key contacts a client needs.

This combination of services ends up shortcutting traditional, theory-based consulting models and lands clients where they want to be in a fraction of the time and at a significantly lower cost.  This results-focused consulting model has now been implemented by and with top executives from over 20 of the Fortune 100 companies including Google, 3M, Amazon, Disney, Oracle, Delta, Boeing as well as Motorola, Deloitte, and PWC.

Your unique capabilities increased the probability of success of our portfolio companies by 2-4x the industry standard and decreased the time to reach success by 30%.

Private Equity Fund Manager

Our Purpose

Lighthouse Business Catalysts was created to accelerate good work in the world, both with our clients and beyond our consulting efforts. We are committed to helping others reach their potential, both personally and professionally, at a higher and faster rate as a result of having worked with us. We believe that doing business the right way, through honesty, hard work, and really caring about people, allows all of us to contribute more meaningfully to the organizations we work for, to our families, and our community.

Our Values

These are the values we live and work by

  • Honesty and integrity
  • Achieving a superior ROI for our clients
  • Giving our clients and coworkers our very best efforts
  • Humility – desire to learn and improve
  • Bettering our community and the world
  • Accelerating the rate at which our clients and team members reach their full potential

Our Management Team

Our management team and client engagement managers have decades of experience working in management consulting, mergers and acquisitions, private equity, and rapidly scaling their own companies in a wide range of industries. Our team is made up of the highest level talent to help clients confidently execute on their most important goals and rapidly accelerate growth.

Consultant Team

Our consultants are experienced leaders and collaborators who know how to deliver extraordinary outcomes. Many Lighthouse consultants honed their business skills for years with top tier firms. While mastering the rigors of their field, they developed a natural bias for real-world results over academic theory. That affinity for practical execution is one of the key factors that has attracted them to Lighthouse.

Advisory Boards

Our clients often need the specialized expertise of multiple experts, each of who brings hands-on, relevant experience to the table. Finding the best experts with knowledge and relationships in specific areas can take years of exploration and research, but the knowledge and contacts gained are well worth the effort. Lighthouse has a proven track record of quickly recruiting experienced, senior advisory board members to meet the specific needs of each client. We bring key relationships directly to you and transplant them into your business through the creation of what we call “bullseye” boards. These hand-picked advisors provide expert answers and insights as well as introductions to hard-to-reach relationships in areas critical and unique to each client. Our client bullseye boards bring experience and connections from many of the most successful and widely-respected organizations in the world including…